This is a big deal. The electronic signature process has been used frequently and YOU can challenge your documents if the electronic signatures were used in your case.

That means you have to speak up…complain….raise the issue…will you?

Even law students can go to court with claims and complaints about a process of law and win.You can go to court with claims and complaints and win. It has been done.When properly presented and demonstrated…..

– – – Decision not online yet – send the link if you get it.

Mr. Ferguson challenged the validity of the charging document in the case of his client on the grounds that the time stamps on the electronic signatures showed that the proper oath-swearing procedure had not been followed.

“I argued that the incorrect sequence spoke to the very proof of the oath itself, which is a fundamental safeguard in place to ensure that an individual is free from arbitrary harassment from the State,” Mr. Ferguson explains. “I stated that this defect meant that the document should be declared void.”The trial judge at the BC Provincial Court agreed with him and said the time discrepancy went to the very essence of proof of the oath itself.

The judge also noted concerns regarding the way informations were sworn based on the evidence that came out in cross-examination.

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