June 10/15 Serious + Full Cap Members Only Webinar

#9- Serious + Full Capacity Member ONLY Webinar (2x per month)

All Serious + Full Capacity Members are invited to attend and contribute via text questions or requesting your microphone to be activated so you can add to the conversation with your experiences and questions. Hearing from other Members who are actively dealing with a situation, writing notices, complaints.

If you are a Serious + Full Capacity Member and are not enrolled send an email and ask for an invitation to enroll.


total time 56:39

  1. 0:00 – how to access previous webinars on SW, equity law info, Blog GOOD News on more officials being held to account.
  2. 4:40 – Geordie – has onging court issue but now CRA delivered a GST “invitation” to discuss his “alleged GST owing” – shut down CRA, debt collector and bankruptcy stories – expired debt being re-triggered by entering into negotiations – equity as fairness between reasonable men
  3. 16:30 – Frank – court prep for July, Marc Stevens helped with call to prosecutor, equity- where there is a conflict between law and equity equity prevails – me/you vs private person in private capacity – the nature/context of the word ALWAYS – substance over form  – intent – employment standards case
  4. 23:50 – capacity vs status – special appearance / conditional appearance, lawyers not willing to speak to real law issues in court, consent and understanding required (or assumed) – conflict between law and equity equity prevails – impossible to have proper counsel because right to counsel is denied if they refuse to raise real law issues
  5. 44:12 – Joshua – call for accountability exposing criminal activities – deal with local mayors who have real power – Vancouver City Hall ship bell outside counsel chamber – how to educate simply concisely the complex issue to – BC RCMP no moral or lawful authority to police others – Supreme Court Canada McLachlan publically acknowledge cultural genocide, does fed gov’t, RCMP, churched have ANY lawful authority if such has gone on…. –  empower local communities and local gov’t to “kick out corrupt federal gov’t and fed RCMP ??? – CAFR

WEBINAR 56:39 min.

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