Sept 30, 2015 – Serious+Full Cap Members Only Webinar

#14- Serious + Full Capacity Member ONLY Webinar (2x per month)

All Serious + Full Capacity Members are invited to attend and contribute via text questions or requesting your microphone to be activated so you can add to the conversation with your experiences and questions. Hearing from other Members who are actively dealing with a situation, writing notices, complaints.

If you are a Serious + Full Capacity Member and are not enrolled send an email and ask for an invitation to enroll.


total time 49:29

  1. 0-1:56 min – intro- webinar protocol how to participat
  2. 2:00 – Member’s Home page webinars and course locations
  3. 3:00 – Invite Members to assist with research for Research Page
  4. 5:30 – Voters cards Canada – VOTER or the Elector
  5. 11:53 – Mae discussing Roark + Phelps live workshop comments
  6. 27:33 – Book gift received Judge Anna – simple education on Law etc.
  7. 31:05 – Constitutional Complaint workshop course for Full Capacity members – people arrested in court for questioning the ALL CAPS name in court
  8. 36:15 – B.C. Public Guardian + Trustee
  9. 40:42 – jd dealing with Bail conditions and policy challenge
  10. 45:25 – creating accountability to motivate following through and acting on what you want and need to do – jd commits… to do list + support people – being afraid to contact officials in the system
  11. 51:00 – Jurisdictionary – flurry of motions and court tools available to use – use the courts to our benefit
  12. 54:00 – important SW webinars to study

You do not have access this content! Higher Level MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT… UPGRADE at :


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