No More Mr Nice Guy – Mark Passio

Nice guys (and gals) finish last. You’ve heard that right?

Well, like most things it is a true statement in the right context. What is meant by “nice” and in what environment?

Dealing with criminals and psychopaths might be an environment where nice can help prevent short term pain BUT criminals and psychopaths are in it long term and don’t care about you. You DO understand that?

Anyone claiming authority to tell you what you can or cannot do (if not harming another or their property) is either a parent and you are a child, or it is a criminal and psychopath threatening force against you if you “do not comply” with their often arbitrary demands. Sadly this often includes, police, lawyers, judges, sheriffs politicians etc. – you know, your “government officials/agents”. You GET that, right?

Being nice means sugar coating the truth, being gentle and not offending or upsetting anyone with things they don’t want to hear… and at some point society tumbles down the amoral path of no return because truth, accountability and honour left town because no one cared enough to stand up and demand that truth, accountability and honour be respected.

Mark Passio is a passionate truth teller with some interesting history and does a commendable job of communicating his understanding CLEARLY.

I communicate with many people who want change but are not committed enough to take action to demand it. We need more action takers willing act strategically and committed to the long haul.

I encourage everyone to listen to the ENTIRE audio and see if you don’t get a little more committed and little better understanding. If you do, you are almost ready…


If you have not seen his seminar on Natural LAW – you REALLY SHOULD. 3 parts and well worth the time.



Mark’s Website –

Mark’s YouTube Channel –


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