Nov 25, 2015 – Serious+Full Cap Members Only Webinar

#18- Serious + Full Capacity Member ONLY Webinar (2x per month)

All Serious + Full Capacity Members are invited to attend and contribute via text questions or requesting your microphone to be activated so you can add to the conversation with your experiences and questions. Hearing from other Members who are actively dealing with a situation, writing notices, complaints.

If you are a Serious + Full Capacity Member and are not enrolled send an email and ask for an invitation to enroll.


total time 53:22

  1. 0 – 1:32  – intro – webinar notices had not gone out last 2 webinars – back on now
  2. 1:32 – Judy re Federal Court adjournment of sentencing hearing and she sent in resignation letter
  3. 14:30 – Al had serious charges withdrawn – possession for trafficking etc. Karl Lenz process discussed – conviction of foundational knowledge and commitment to a process
  4. 21:58 – re-visit some basic principles of research and understanding – research Words and Phrases – class of person – alien – person – challenge word meanings and definitions
  5. 38:50 – right to travel case discussed and Canadian cases discussed confirming right to travel
  6. 47:00 – Q+A – comments – re cases – stick to principles, basics and word meanings, definitions, slavery

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