March 29, 2016 – Serious+Full Cap Members Only Webinar

2016 – #6 – Serious + Full Capacity Member ONLY Webinar

All Serious + Full Capacity Members are invited to attend and contribute via text questions or requesting your microphone to be activated so you can add to the conversation with your experiences and questions. Hearing from other Members who are actively dealing with a situation, writing notices, complaints.

If you are a Serious or Full Capacity Member and are not enrolled send an email and ask for an invitation to enroll in the 2x per month webinars.


total time 00:53:09 – times are approximate due to minor edits in new version video

  1. 0 – :30 – intro
  2. 0:30 – court updates – last 2 dates – the four concise precise questions for jurisdiction –
  3. 42:14 – articles showing the game and how it is played – Catholic Church insurance company files and access to them for evidence
  4. 49:24 – casting lawful activities as terrorists to strike fear and suppress
  5. 50:41 – admitted government “false flag attacks” – 42 to of ’em
  6. 52:00 – wake up reminder of who you are dealing with – “they” will fight you and intimidate you to “voluntarily” give up your status and rights.
  7. 55:40 – you are not alone – holding “they” accountable to the law as it is legislated – stay positive – changes are happening

You do not have access this content! Higher Level MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT… UPGRADE at :


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