June 9, 2016 – Serious+Full Cap Members Only Webinar

2016 – #10 – Serious + Full Capacity Member ONLY Webinar

All Serious + Full Capacity Members are invited to attend and contribute via text questions or requesting your microphone to be activated so you can add to the conversation with your experiences and questions. Hearing from other Members who are actively dealing with a situation, writing notices, complaints.

If you are a Serious or Full Capacity Member and are not enrolled send an email and ask for an invitation to enroll in the 2x per month webinars.


total time 00:50:30

  1. 0 – 18:29 –  understanding the legal court games – avoiding the persecution for raising issues in court about the court deception – law society “duty to protect public interest”, “protect the administration of justice” – we can consider moving to equity to protect the public interest and not be bring their dirty laundry into public (which the don’t seem to like)
  2. 18.29 – new word – casuistry
  3. 19:34 – searchable PDF “Suits in Chancery”
  4. 20:37 – rule of law – doctrine of ultra vires in suing the gov’t article
  5. 22:13 – court self help guide books on many aspects of court process
  6. 24:54 – law review article on – maxim – expression unius est exclusio alterus
  7. 25:44 – update on tax evasion trial

You do not have access this content! Higher Level MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT… UPGRADE at : http://member.suewrongdoers.com/why-be-a-member/



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