Guarding your civil liberties: Civil Liberties Complaint USA

Robb Ryder does some good research and regularly puts out videos reviewing his findings, sources and theories. Here is his latest one on the complaint and claim process in the USA, all defined process to follow in law.

Every jurisdiction has material, guidelines, self help and processes for “how to make a claim or complaint” and it is up to the injured party to find it and make the complaint…


Guarding your civil liberties

With the constitutionally recognized “organized militia”

(putting 400 years of history to work for you??)

1. Who May File a Complaint

Anyone who believes that some action by the Department of the Army or one of its members has infringed on his or her privacy or civil liberties may file a complaint alleging a violation of civil liberties

A video on some of the ways that a violation of your civil liberties (defined as including the Bill of Rights) are supposed to be reported to those who have a duty to defend them.



Often people leave comments of interest. Some making statements of “how to” but often without reference to authorities to back up what they suggest. I like the fact Rob gives the sources of his material and how he came to his conclusions.

This commentor below, from Rob’s above post, makes some interesting points but nothing to check, reference or source (which I would like to see). I suggest if you plan to give people info, that providing source checking references will be very helpful for everyone and make the suggestion far more useful and valuable:

“police” are under the control of the national guard under emergency war powers… under Martial Rule… one step down from total Martial Law… The Constitution(s) mean nothing until you file a NON STATUTORY ABATEMENT… which does not challenge jurisdiction.. it notices the “court” of errors i.e. name misnomers, etc., …. THEY need to correct, or be in default and the matter is closed res juidicata. There is no time limit on a NON STATUTORY ABATEMENT.

STATUTORY ABATEMENTS have time bars… one such is the “72 hour” “Lemon Law” which allows to void any contract within 72 hours.

“All documents were received but not accepted; I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR OFFER TO CONTRACT OR THESE PROCEEDINGS”.

YOU are assumed to be some nom de guerre ( an enemy of the US) always spelled in ALL capital letters. The Manual of Courts Martial 1994. you are assumed to be an enemy until your correct the error by abatement.

YOU are also assumed to be the surety for some ens legis fiction corporation until you correct the error by abatement..


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